“A Way to Reconcile the World.” Morihei Ueshiba, Founder of Aikido

“Aiki awareness enables me to notice what’s in the way of the essence to essence connection between us, especially in our intimate relationships where we get triggered the most. Then I can drop deeper and share from that place physically, verbally, and energetically.”

“My intuitions clarified, became more accessible.” “I learned to show up with my whole self.” “It’s not therapy, but you satisfied my need for it.” “Inspiring and full of wisdom.”

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This course was designed and written by Jerry A. Green, JD lawyer-mediator, somatic practitioner and student at Tamalpais Aikido since 1977. The Free Lesson opens with Richard Heckler on the Mission of Somatics. The Introduction on Conscious Embodiment and Intuition by Wendy Palmer demonstrates applying conscious embodiment under pressures in the workplace. An Afterward by George Leonard teaches Aikido Walking for daily living. See other credits and acknowledgements in course overview contained in the Free Lesson.

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