TUNE IN to the Body

A Course In Somatic Empowerment

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TUNE IN to the Body

Japanese Calligrapher Sengai made the mystery of the Circle/Square/Triagle visable to the world throughout history. They represent the grounding of consciousness in the human body and are the spiritual dimensions of embodied consciousness in Aikido (head/heart/hara.) 

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TUNE IN to the Body

The mysticism of these cornerstones of sacred geometry associate the shapes with the energies of fire/water/spirit, written about as The Three Mothers, the energies that bring forth creation.In the triangle is a red Shin. Shin, a vertical letter with a hissing sound, represents Fire and is associated with our head. In the rectangle is a blue Mem. Mem, a horizontal letter with a humming sound, represents Water and is associated with our belly. Shin and Mem are thus two polar opposites, the yin-yang of the Kabbalah.  The art on this page was done by David Friedman and you can read more about him and his work at Kosmic Kabbalah Art.

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TUNE IN to the Body

When you feel a conflict arising…can you continue to speak – and listen – with compassion? Stay present under pressure? stay on topic? Aikido principles harness the power of body awareness in communications to transform frustration and overreactions into responses that leave you feeling satisfied, calm and respected.

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Communicate & Listen in 3-Dimensions

In the 10 Lesson Embodied Communications Course you will  discover a new 3-dimensional way to communicate and listen with thought (head), feeling (heart) and intuition (“gut”).

Identify Your Body’s Responses

In the 10 Lesson Embodied Communications Course, you will learn how to identify your body’s predisposed responses to pressure, fear and anger.

Gain Simple Yet Powerful Skills

In the 10 Lesson Embodied Communications Course, you will learn simple yet powerful skills to use in any real-world situations that will keep you cool, calm and present

Identify your body’s predisposed responses to pressure, fear and anger!


Discover a new 3-Dimensional way to communicate and listen!



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“Jerry’s well-written and easy to follow online course opens the door for people without aikido experience to discover the power of ‘getting to center’ in the face of life’s challenges.” – Susan Chandler of Chandler Resources

“Aiki awareness enables me to notice what’s in the way of the essence to essence connection between us, especially in our intimate relationships where we get triggered the most. Then I can drop deeper and share from that place physically, verbally, and energetically.

“Aikido provides therapists with a method for exploring their own emotional and psychological issues within the framework. They described the human being as being comprised of intellectual, emotional, kinesthetic, and spiritual components. Aikido practice provides a context and theoretical orientation toward what constitutes full human relationships.”

Aikido Cultivates Full Human Relationships: Aikido and Psychotherapy: A Study of Psychotherapists

  • “Inspiring and full of wisdom.”

  • “I learned to show up with my whole self.”

  • “My intuitions clarified, became more accessible.”

  • “It’s not therapy, but you satisfied my need for it.”

  • “Simple, experiential exercises that are really fun to do.”

  • “No-risk common-man’s Aikido!”

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