Word wars raise heart rates, change breathing and create tension in the belly, making thoughtful, effective communication difficult or impossible. How can we regain our presence and get what we need from the conversation?

Learn to harness the power of body awareness in communications, to transform frustration and over-reactions into responses that leave you feeling satisfied, calm and respected.

In the 10-lesson Embodied Communication course, you will:

•Discover a new 3-dimensional way to communicate and listen: with thought (head), feeling (heart) and intuition (belly, or “gut”).

• Identify your body’s predisposed responses to pressure, fear and anger.

•Gain simple yet powerful skills to use in any real-world situation — at home, at work, in the hundreds of interactions you have each week — that will keep you cool, calm and present.

Much more than just “conflict management,” Embodied Communication actually transforms conflict into harmonious and productive conversation.

The 10-lesson Embodied Communication course is customized to your own personal style of responding under pressure and is illustrated with photos and videos. It is available here for $79 (less than $7 per lesson,) and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Embodied Communication applies the principles of the Japanese martial art of Aikido to everyday human interactions. Aikido trains us to protect ourselves while at the same time keeping our attacker free from injury. This is done by blending with the movement of the attacker and redirecting the force of the attack, rather than opposing it or caving in to it.

How is Embodied Communication different from Non-Violent Communication (NVC?) NVC is a language skill and does not encompass somatic training. Somatic attunement, however, can be put into words, and may result in expressing the fundamental concepts of NVC, but by very different paths; one is embodied, the other is in-minded. Click here for full discussion.

Embodied Communication has demonstrated a positive effect on:

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– Conflict resolution

– Group process

– Family peace

– Anger/Fear management


– Reactive Behavior

– Frequent Misunderstandings

– High blood pressure

– Insecurity/self-esteem

– Quality control

 Body-wisdom in Communications from Aikido 6 YouTube Videos on identifying styles of confrontation with pressure in personal communications and applying embodiment practices to building communication harmony on grounded-centered connections that create peace.


Body-wise Communications
Noticing pressure points
Identifying response

Conflict Styles

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