This course applies these principles to the challenges that we all face in personal relationships at work and at home. Relationships involve conflicts. This series of lessons combines principles of conflict resolution, somatic awareness training and Aikido, the marital art of peace.

After learning the basics elements of body-wisdom, you will learn your body’s predispositions for responding to verbal pressure, and identify their relationship to how your mind thinks when engaged in word-wars. There’s physical pressure and then there’s verbal pressure. Because they are closely linked, we are studying mediation and Aikido together.

The central lessons teach grounding and centering in the body, finding its core and learning to engage with physical pressure in a confident and relaxed manner. The final lessons reestablish the mental connections by putting words to newfound body wisdom. You will learn to speak your body-wisdom, which will enables you to transform adversity in arguments and disputes into understanding, connection and collaboration.

It is unnecessary to pre-think solutions to a real conflict. Identifying and transforming our predisposition allows alternatives to emerge in a manner that is more timely and appropriate than predetermined strategies.

Blending without losing integrity, is an attitude, not a technique.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Heartfelt appreciation goes to my film crew Shoshana Geller, Moksha Lee Donahue, and Jacob Harris. Editing by Rebekah Green, and outfits by Indigenous Designs. I am indebted to George Leonard for bringing me to Aikido and my teachers Wendy Palmer and Richard Heckler, and for bringing us all to Robert Nadeau, who is the wellspring of our wisdom. George knitted the Tamalpais Aikido community together with his vision of extending its teachings beyond dojo walls in new and diverse forms. Each of my senseis inspired me to do the same. I thank also Mitsugi Saotome Sensei for reminding me to study from off the mat, and Terry Dobson for showing me how many glorious forms that might take.

After lots of discussion with the many students of this course, I have decided that Lessons 1 and 2, should be open for all to take and enjoy.  Upon completion of Lesson 2, you will have opportunity to purchase the full course.  Instructions will follow for that after you pay to continue the full course.  Thank You for you interest in this program.

TUNE IN to the Body

The online course in Applied Aikido by Jerry Green

Including Aikido Walking with George Leonard

Introduction by Wendy Palmer

LESSON 1: The Body-Wisdom Basics

LESSON 2 Predisposed: Responses to Pressures

LESSON 3 ROTATIONS: Body Wisdom Basics in Motion


LESSON 5 RELEASING: Preparation for Learning Extension



Before the Course

LESSON 6 EXTENSION: The Flow of Vital Energy.

LESSON 7 ENGAGEMENT: Connecting and Flowing in Relationship

LESSON 8 Reverse Body Language: Speaking Your Body-Wisdom

LESSON 9 Applications and Practice

LESSON 10 Aiki-dance: Two Step Fun & Games


After the Course

“Friend, our closeness is this: 
Anywhere you put your foot 
Feel me in the firmness under you.” 


This music emerged from the sounds of learning to unwind my own congenital tensions. It can do that for you, too. Consider where in your body you are most alive or present at this moment. Where are you least aware? Listen with your inner ear how your breath fills the space between these points. Notice changes when still and in movement.

These first takes are just that, the surprising results of a practice run in a recording studio. I did not expect this screen test to be more than a learning experience. It turned out to be quite appealing, and it revealed an integration of keys and themes in ways unknown to me at the time. This is an original body of improvisations weaving a collection of popular and classical ideas and qualities that cultivate inner-listening for somatic attunement, or embodied awareness. 

You can get more information about Feedback Piano: Somatic Attunement by Jerry Green and obtain mp3s of the entire CD FIRST TAKES, the surprising results of a practice run in a recording studio here.

“White light produces all colors.
Only a prism can divide the colors and make them appear;
this prism could be the spirit of the listener.” Arvo Part

Richard Strozzi Heckler describes the Mission of Somatics as improving our care of one another and the planet by fully appreciating the potential of embodied wisdom. We have three embodied brains, in the head, the heart and the belly, where compassion and intuition fuel intelligence with wisdom.


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